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Our bold new vision for volunteering

We’ve launched our first ever volunteering strategy with a drive to get people from all backgrounds enjoying the benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering in an Active Nation sets out two new funds to support volunteering.

The Opportunity Fund will invest £3 million in projects that create volunteering opportunities for black, Asian and minority ethnic people, women and disabled people, reaching into communities where there is higher unemployment and crime, lower education and poorer health.

People living in these communities are among the most under-represented groups in volunteering, but potentially have the most to gain.

We’re aiming to award at least 50% of the fund to projects run by partners that are new to us, so we can truly reach non-traditional groups.

The Potentials Fund will unleash the promise of young people.

We’re working with the #iwill campaign, investing up to £3m in projects which benefit 10 to 20-year-olds and their communities.

More than two-thirds of this age group say they want to do more social action in the next 12 months, and many of them love sport and physical activity, so it’s a huge opportunity.

Getting help

Both of these funds will launch in January, with the application windows opening in February.

We’ve also invested £3m in Club Matters to ensure club administrators get the help they need, with further improvements planned.

Changing perceptions

While there are 5.6 million volunteers in sport who do a great job, some are put off because they think you have to be fit, sporty, or know the rules.

Volunteering doesn’t have to take place in traditional sports club environments, and we want to support more of that.
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  In other news

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